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Your savings in a safe place

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Traditional investments are at risk because they are inextricably linked to the world wide web of paper debt that exists in futures, bonds, hedges and spread bets.

Pension funds, banks, stock markets and even countries are using your investments to pay off their own debts rather than to seek a profit for you.

These paper investments are all at the mercy of the debt cycle and could be lost completely or become worthless at any time. What happens when these massive debts are called in and can’t be repaid ?  This will happen but nobody knows when. How bad will it be ? How long will it last ? Politicians publicly pretend it can’t happen because they couldn’t handle the panic and their main preoccupation is preserving power or surviving their ‘shift’.

Did you know?

– You can still buy a new car today with the same weight of gold as you needed to buy a new car 90 years ago.

– 300 years ago 2 oz of Gold could buy a cow, the same amount as you need today!

– Current devaluations are decreasing your ‘paper’ savings, investments and pension funds

– Since  2000 stock markets have slumped while the price of gold has increased more than 5 times’s commitment to doing things differently is exemplified through its ‘Vera Valor’ gold coin.  The ‘Vera Valor’ is the first ethically produced coin made from “clean extraction” gold, which is 100% traceable from mine-to-mint.’s vault storage facility is based in the highly secured facility of Geneva Freeport and is independently audited to ensure total propriety and counterparty.

investment in lingold

investment in lingold

The Half-Vera Valor, an accessible gold coin investment

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Half-Vera Valor - Obverse

Have you heard about a Half- Sovereign? …. or a Half-Napoleon? …. maybe even a US $10 gold coin? Here we would like to present you a completely new gold product for investment.: the Half-Vera Valor. An investment quality, pure gold coin made from Clean Extraction source that is adapted to suit all budgets.

“Clean Extraction” gold

The gold used to mint the half Vera Valor conforms with the criteria of the Clean Extraction charter because it is pure gold  (999 ‰) that has been recycled from excess components of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Unlike silver which is complicated and onerous to recycle, gold can be recycled an infinite number of times.

The recycling of the Half Vera Valor gold complies with the Clean Extraction charter in that it actively and strongly encourages the reduction of emissions that are harmful to the planet. Recycled gold helps preserve the environment because it reduces the need to rely on methods of mining and extraction that are often carried out in the most difficult conditions and give rise to toxic pollutants.

No heavy machinery or pollutants are used and there are no extraction processes required with recycled gold and any harmful products associated are strictly limited. Recycled gold has considerably less impact (if any) on the environment compared to the normal mining operations required for extraction.

Recycling of gold is like having an above ground deposit that today provides more than half of the gold required by industry in order to manufacture jewellery and investment gold products such as bars and coins.

As a reminder, in order to extract 1 ounce of pure gold from the ground normally; takes 75000 litres of water, emits 600 Kilos of CO2, 25 Kilos of Sulphur Dioxide, consumes 220 litres of fuel and produces 30 tonnes of mining waste.

Recycling gold is one way to combat the problem of ever-rarer and diminishing sources of gold. Mining production is stagnating and yet year on year demand for gold never ceases to increase.

Recycling gold is the only real solution to keeping gold prices reasonable and thus avoiding the need to use more and more invasive, difficult and destructive mining practices which would have detrimental effect on the environment.

Gold is THE clean precious metal of the future as it can be recycled at infinitum!

Quality partners and LBMA recognition

Partners chosen to participate in the conception and production of the Half Vera Valor:

Allgemeine (part of the German group Umicore), therefore the hallmark is recognised by the LBMA, they produce the “blanks” for the Half-Vera Valor (round blank discs of pure gold that are future Half Vera Valor and are ready for minting).

Huguenin is the Swiss private mint responsible for the minting of the coins.

More than just a smaller version

Careful, the Half-Vera Valor is more than just a half of a Vera Valor; it’s the “half sister” with its own unique identity. It is not merely a sub-division of the one ounce Vera Valor.

The fact that it is made from recycled gold is one point but also the method and technique of manufacture by striking only is different, even if the same DNA runs through its veins!

Still produced exclusively by and, the Half-Vera Valor is smaller and more intricate to mint. The complexity of its manufacture arising from its smaller size, follows in the footsteps of similar illustrious coins such as: Half Sovereign, Half Napoleon and $10 US… which all have an elevated premium compared to their larger format.

Because they are smaller and less expensive, they are in effect the type of coins that are always in demand during periods of crisis and therefore their premium can rise significantly. This makes them excellent products for investment with an incomparable leverage effect.


Based on its characteristics and specification, the Half Vera Valor qualifies as investment quality gold which is exempt from VAT throughout the European Union.

The Half Vera Valor is considered as bullion bar-coin because it bears the required markings of a piece of Good Delivery bullion and is struck as “money”* into a coin.

The Half Vera Valor is therefore an ideal coin to save as protection against crisis, a coin that can be easily resold whenever you need, without VAT and the integrity of being an ethical gold product.

*refers to the orientation of the strike and between the faces of the coin.

Half Vera Valor - Reverse


The Half Vera Valor possesses some seductive qualities and apart from being beautiful, it is a dense coin with a very pure fineness.

Weight: ½ ounce or 15.55175g

Diameter: 26mm

Thickness: 1.6mm

Fineness: 999‰ pure gold

Hallmark : Allgemeine

Striking tool orientation : 6 o’clock, struck as money

Edge: reeded

Mint quality: High proof

Taxation type: investment quality bullion, VAT exempt


–          A beautiful product that has every chance to follow its predecessor the Vera Valor which has become the most sold 1 Oz gold coin in France since Dec 2011.

–          Unforgeable – the QR code struck into the reverse of the coin plus the laser engraved serial number on the obverse make this product  extra secure and even more attractive to investors seeking certainty of product quality.

–          An ethical gold investment that avoids any negative effects on people or environmental

–          VAT exemption is an attribute

–          A format easy to hold in the hand, a value readily accessible to all and easily imaginable in daily use day should it become necessary.




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"For a mountaineer, the important things are the effort, the posture and the muscles. The rope that holds him serves no purpose when everything works but it gives him a sense of security. In the same way, all gold does is ensure confidence; it's a safe haven."