Who controls your money? Who controls the Banks? …..and Who controls YOU?

I’m sure that we all believe that governments control the money supply especially in their own country and their own currency.

I’m sure that when we place our blind faith in the banks for loans, mortgages and everyday banking we trust that they will do their best for us and operate with upstanding principles to protect our assets.

I’m sure that those of us living in a free democracy believe our liberty and rights are being controlled by fairly elected governments representative of the people.

I’m sure that as you watch the daily news about unrest around the world you begin to sympathise with the poor oppressed peoples and hoping that soon they can have the same safe system bestowed upon them that we all apparently enjoy.

I’m sure that you would be horrified to learn that the controlling influence on the largest economy in the world and therefore an influence that stretches right around the world does not actually belong to the US government at all.

Despite its self-appointed name, the US Federal Reserve which controls Quantitative Easing, the printing of the US Dollar and US Economic Policy is actually a private company steeped in mystery with a special status completely outside the control of law.

You don’t believe it? Well just take a few minutes and watch the video for a quick insight into the real world of money laundering and absolute control.

Remaining ignorant could be bliss but then again if your livelihood and survival depends on it sometimes it’s better to be informed.“the american dream” Video

You may now understand why your continued use and enslavement in paper assets is important to those who would seek to control.

When a crisis hits or the bubble bursts you will be left with nothing and no way of reclaiming a cent or a penny of your hard earned cash.

Do you think the politicians, bankers and enormous fortunes of the world will really care?

After all when was the last time you saw a poor politician or a poor banker?

When crisis strikes they remain the great untouched because they have the personal means and wealth to survive wars or economic disaster. They won’t feel hardship or hunger but you will.

During World War II many ordinary French families managed to survive the occupation because they had stashed a few gold Napoleon coins away which they could use to buy food. This is fact and is borne out by many a testimony from the time.

If the monetary system imploded or crashed and your Dollars, Euros, pounds or whatever became worthless, how would you survive?

Gold ownership is like a fire insurance for your personal wealth and is an investment in a physical entity that you own. When a crisis hits it has always proved to be vessel of value irrespective of the currency or era.

The logic for fire insurance is quite simple – should you buy it before or after the event?

Gold investment for the masses has never been encouraged because the Banks prefer you to believe in paper money which they can print, lend to you and make huge profits for themselves in the process.

It has never been in their interest to tempt you or advertise its qualities because they have been “stealing your gold” since money was invented.

In the Age of Austerity we find ourselves, not knowing whether currencies or countries may collapse at any time, what have you done to protect yourself from destitution and desolation?

Maybe you like taking chances and are hoping for the best but that may not be enough to survive and feed yourself.

Maybe you could plan ahead and maybe you should start now?

Remember, after the fire it is too late to buy insurance!

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    Who controls your money? Who controls the Banks? …..and Who controls YOU? –… #gold

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