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Stock trading payable in gold!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

While many players in the stock market decry gold because it brings nothing in, “it doesn’t work”, the yellow metal will soon become the currency of the Swiss stock exchange! A good way to make equity investments more attractive!

The Six Securities Services Company, specialized in the settlement and the delivery of equities, is totally innovating by offering payment of stock trading in gold: a world premiere.

Customers will soon be able to buy shares in Zurich and set in units of gold, the XAU (a unit of XAU equals one ounce of gold in US dollars). In order to pay their trading in XAU, investors must have an account in XAU with the SSS Company and that it is of course supplied.

This news provides opportunities as the introduction within weeks of quotation and trading of structured products negotiated in XAU.

Gold is back on the market as the currency exchange
We can consider several reasons for this initiative: in the current floating exchange rate system, the dollar is losing more value, from the urge to print, and the euro is endangered by the threat of Greek bankruptcy, the recapitalization of the banks and the likely printing of more paper money. As for the other hard currencies, like the Swiss Franc, they prevent their issuing country from exporting because they are too strong. So the central bankers do everything to prevent their currencies becoming too valuable and consequently a haven for Forex investors.

On the other hand investors bought a lot of gold in recent years. The gold fund is therefore to carry out the transactions XAU. But the other reason is that the market and the global monetary system being more uncertain than ever, they wisely invested in a wealth that would never lose its value : gold. It has become the new currency of trust. “We already have three foreign exchange settlements, gold is the new currency”, said the spokesman of Six Securities.

Evidence if need be is by becoming the currency of financial transactions gold does not only benefit from being a trend or a passage linked to the crisis. It should be seen as differently as the crisis and the lack of confidence in markets and economists is much deeper than it seems. Previously considered as “the currency of last resort”, gold became the official currency exchange. A sign that should worry everyone… except those with gold!

When gold compensates for stock market losses…

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

… It acts out its role as a hedge perfectly. It is exactly what the example of this investor illustrates, someone who, fortunately for him, had not put all his eggs in the same basket.

Didier L. bought gold coins, quite simply when the opportunity presented itself, at the beginning of 2011. The ongoing talk of the crisis, the instability of stock markets and gold as a safe haven helped him to decide to take the initiative by investing part of his assets in physical gold, in the form of gold coins. “I just simply asked one question about gold on the internet which led me to the blog articles on and then subsequently to the websites and . One thing lead to another and I found myself on a platform for selling and buying gold coins with which I was able to invest my available funds”.

The profile of the investor fell more within a long term investment.”Basically, I thought about hoarding money by buying full and half-size Napoleon gold coins, with the intention of reselling my gold coins at a good profit, before selling at a fixed date, so as to not pay capital gains tax” (which is 31% in France – editor’s note)

Weary, stock market shares in which he had invested part of his capital have seen a high depreciation this summer. The shares in his portfolio have all dropped. Fortunately, by selling his gold coins, our saver was able to quickly withdraw the cash he needed to compensate for this depreciation.

His gold coins were sold like hot cakes

Gold thus fulfilled its role as hedge and Didier L. was even able obtain a substantial profit by selling his gold coins. In the end, even if he did not lose money, his one small regret is that he knows that he could have made more if he had not been forced to sell his coins earlier than intended.

He was able to sell his gold coins at the quotation price which meant they went very quickly and the money immediately found itself in his current account. “I was surprised by the speed and the ease of execution of the process. It would never have been the case with a traditional bank, this speed favours trade and cash flow, it is therefore interesting. And it would have been just as quick with much bigger amounts.”

It is the right time to buy!

The worst, he says, is that the balance of the CAC 40 companies (in which he had some shares) is currently excellent but markets that are nervous, over-cautious, fearing the sovereign crisis in the euro zone tend to undermine companies that are doing well and which are more than viable by creating harmful doubt in their price. “But the shares that are currently at their lowest can only go up”.

In spite of the heavy loss that he has suffered to his share portfolio, our investor advises those who have the cash to buy shares in the CAC 40 and in companies whose economic growth prospects are certain, such as ErDF (a utility company) and those in the sector of sustainable development. Cautious but strengthened by experience and conscious of the progression which the price of gold will continue to achieve, he tells us in confidence “now or never is the time to buy gold to secure one’s savings!”. “Saving with gold can be as much about liquidity if you need to sell and cover hedges elsewhere as well as buying at the right time to protect your wealth”.

Where should one go to buy one’s gold coins with confidence?

“The purchasing of gold coins is not a trivial matter, but contact with the consultants of or , (the web based established platforms where I bought my gold coins), are excellent. I never have to wait for advice and the people I deal with are obliging, available, friendly and reassuring”.

Moreover the coins are certified, sorted, sold with a bar code and each specimen is unique. It applies to semi-collectible coins (like the 5F Napoleon) and “investment quality” coins.

“Not only is the commission on purchases or sales charged by or tiny (1%), but furthermore  the coins have already been appraised and verified which represents time and money saved. This gives one confidence and that  is something priceless”.

World Exclusive: The Vera Valor, the first ever pure gold bullion bar-coin made from “Clean extraction” Gold will arrive in early December 2011

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Obverse of the VERA VALOR, 1 ounce of pure gold from "clean extraction" in the form of a "bar-coin", produced by and available from and and will unveil their innovative new gold coin, the VERA VAOR, during a private function for their Members on December 3rd 2011. The general release is scheduled for December 5th when everyone will have a chance to see the first ever bullion 1 ounce “bar-coin” made from pure gold of “clean extraction”.
Minted in Switzerland, the Vera Valor has characteristics comparable to that of a Chinese 1 ounce Panda (purity 999.9, 32mm diameter, 31.10 grams and 2.7mm thickness) but it has its own unique and innovative features.
Firstly it is a true universal coin and has no affiliation or allegiance to a country, religion, culture and especially not to any financial institution.
This is reinforced by the choice of 5 languages for the word ounce, notably in Chinese and Arabic.
Also it will use the best of safeguards found on bullion bars and be one of the few (if there are any others?) to propose an individual unique reference number along with the hallmark of the world renowned assayer and mint Valcambi, thus guaranteeing the integrity of this unique product.
The “icing on the cake” for the lucky Members who are able to order these coins is that they will be able to personalise/customise their coins by adding three letters (initials etc.) before the serial number (eg. CUP3418).

The first series will be the 2012 edition of 1000 pieces which will be numbered from 000 to 999.
For the moment that’s as much as we know but the guys at LinGold and AuCOFFRE tell us that since its launch 2 days ago they’ve already had preorders in excess of 350 pieces. All this from an image of the Obverse only – the Reverse is a closely guarded commercial secret which will be revealed in early December (we have it on good authority that it is a world’s first and unimaginably innovative).
Sounds like a great welcome awaited this product which suggests it has a bright future ahead.

The idea behind this coin was to promote a universal coin, and to provide an alternative “clean extraction” 1 ounce gold product to the Krugerrand, Nugget, Eagle, Panda, Philmarmonica etc.
It’s price will always be close to these types of products and will reflect it’s pure gold content , universal nature and totally new and unique design.

The Vera Valor is exclusively available as a pre-order via and – the coins will be in Members accounts during the period 5th – 9th Dec 2011.
If you wish to know more please click the link to contact directly.

Valcambi s.a, Swiss gold and precious metals refiner

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Last week our friends at and invited us along to visit the “Fort Knox” style location of the Valcambi refinery and mint.
This site is impossible to enter without a previous invitation and the appropriate credentials and papers (passports etc). These help to gain entrance past the bombproof glass and metal detectors but only under official escort at all times. However unnerving at the time our friends told us it was rather reassuring to know that the site is so well protected as they are customers of Valcambi and therefore have a vested interest in the security of their stock.

This Swiss precious metals refiner is based in Balerna not far from the Italian border. This company is one of the leading four Swiss – and world – refiners of gold. Valcambi are also the first private organisation to offer “green gold” by industrial production which is traced at every step from the mine through to the finished refined goods.
Independent auditors monitor the integrity of the supplies and process ensuring that the “green gold” is always kept separate from other supplies. This includes the cleaning down of containers and production lines as well as having dedicated facilities for “green gold” only.

During the visit we accompanied the Management team of & who were there to validate their newfound status among the exclusive list of Valcambi clients. Their market-leading company in France is now the only one to offer Valcambi supplies in France.

We asked Paul McGowan, the Managing Director of, what was the interest in negotiating directly with a refiner of precious metals?

“The answer is obvious; reduce the middle-men and to be able to offer totally innovative, ethical “green gold” products which enable us to have total traceability on the products we offer. Valcambi were also an ideal partner for us to launch our own innovative product, the Vera Valor, which is a 1 once pure gold 999.9 “round bar” and a coin made only with gold of clean extraction provided by Valcambi “green gold”. We know that there is only the one intermediary, Valcambi the refiner, between us and the Newmont gold mine in Nevada which has a dedicated system of clean extraction. With respect to the Vera Valor it was important that we had complete control over the production chain in the sense that every stage is carefully monitored by independent auditors to ensure the integrity of our product – from extraction to the sale, from producing blanks to minting them.

In the context of fake gold bars and coins, this partnership allows us to have a total guarantee over the product which we can offer to our Members and one we can produce on an industrial scale.

Valcambi are the only refiners who can offer and guarantee the complete separation of “clean extraction” gold from the rest of production which is fundamental to the conditions of our “clean extraction” charter. There can be no contamination of the two sources if we are to guarantee the quality to our Members”.

Valcambi is currently celebrating 50 years in business. Their celebration includes a beautiful book of illustrative photographs which they have kindly allowed us to use below. They show Valcambi workers during various stages of the refining process. Hopefully more to follow …..



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"For a mountaineer, the important things are the effort, the posture and the muscles. The rope that holds him serves no purpose when everything works but it gives him a sense of security. In the same way, all gold does is ensure confidence; it's a safe haven."