By Mark Rogers

Why is it anyone’s public duty, the richer they are, to assist the government in squandering their own money?

In low tax regimes, charitable giving is at a premium.

And yes, there is an equation there.

These contentions fundamentally summarise the argument  made on this site on the pernicious and avoidable effects of high tax regimes and big government welfare states. These articles are (in order of composition):

Diddling While Taxes Burn

Tax: After the Diddlers the Dodgers

Tax, Debt and the Price of Welfare Democracy

Jimmy Carr and His Terrible Error

Cowboy Accountants – Or Lone Rangers?

Punish Benefit Cheats

Starbucks and All That Tax

The Tax Moan

For a look at a very low tax regime, read Confessions of a Law and Order Anarchist, which also contains reflections on the present writer’s political and moral convictions as a consequence of his having spent his childhood and youth in Hong Kong.

And for a long review of an important book on the financial crisis, please read: The Mess We’re In.

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